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Our Lady of Victory School is more than just an educational institution. From day one, we have considered Our Lady of Victory School to be an environment where active learning takes place, a place where students can learn about the world and themselves. Our faculty’s educational expertise and personal dedication are key to our culture of mutual respect and cooperation.

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Class Lunch Times

Listed below are the times each class goes to lunch:

11:25     5th/6th Gr
11:30     1st/2nd Gr
11:39     Ktg
11:40    Preschool
11:43    3rd/4th Gr

PARENT LUNCHES:  Once a month we schedule a parent lunch day for all grades.  We encourage parents to come to as many as possible.  However, parents are welcome to eat breakfast or lunch with their children anytime.  Please do not bring purchased food into the lunch room (McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco John’s, etc..) to eat with your child.  It is very distracting to the students and pop is not allowed in the lunch room.  Adults can purchase a school lunch that will be charged to their child’s lunch account or can bring a cold lunch from home.

Recycling – OLV School recycles milk cartons and juice boxes from students’ morning milk breaks and lunches.  CLICK HERE to watch a video of what happens to the cartons and the cool new things that are made with them.